1233 SF Professional Office Space Available in Lake Worth, FL 33461

1233 SF Professional Office Space Available in Lake Worth, FL 33461

1233 SF Professional Office Space $18.00 SF cam $10.00. Space for lease, located at Lake Worth, FL 33461 and 95. it has a spacious and great location. This place is perfect for your business. Come and Visit now!! Make an appointment today! Hurry up.

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Call and Text: 561-252-0948
Richard Lee Armstrong
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  • 1233 SF
  • Term is good
  • Great Pricing
  • Best Use
  • Great Use
  • Full Build-Out Area Info in  Lake Worth, FL

Area Info

  • Great location
  • Now Available
  • Owner Approved for Professional Office use
  • Best place for your business


Now Available for Lease

2863 SF Professional Office Space has Great Location| Now
Available | Enjoy Professional Office Space. It is in a Great location , Best
Office Space , Large Glass Views. We had a Good Pricing, Best Use, the Term is good for our
Beautiful Space Its really the only professional building in the area. Kindly visit now. this place is perfect for you!!!

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