19 Office Spaces Available in North Palm Beach FL

We have 19 Office spaces available in North Palm Beach FL, This is a perfect place for your business and this is good for you.

19 office space

7 Office Spaces in (1201 code) 

  •  900 SF
  • 1,300 SF
  •  600 SF
  •  1500 SF
  • 1100 SF
  •  1000 SF
  • 2200 SF

Rental Terms:

Rent: $16.99/sf/yr-$19/sf/yr.

5 Office Space in (11891 code) 

  •  1300 SF
    – including 4 private offices, reception area and conference room,
  • 1,300 SF
    – will be designed to fit your needs
  •  3200 SF
  •  2600 SF
  • 1300 SF

Rental Terms:

Rent: $17.99/sf/yr

3 Office Space in (11575-11585 code)

  •  1000 SF
  • 1,000 SF
  • 1000 SF

– It has reception area, private restroom, fits 3-9 people, central air conditioning

Rental Terms:

Rent: $14.99/sf/yr.

4 Office Space

  •  1900 SF
    – 4 workstations, 4 private offices, kitchen, private restroom, large conference room
  • 1200 SF
    – 3 private offices with kitchen, 1 conference room,
  •  2000 SF
    –  1 conference room, kitchen, 5 working area, 5 private offices
  •  1900 SF
    – 4 private offices, Reception area, Kitchen, 4 workstation, 1 conference room, private restroom.

Rental Terms:

Rent: $20.49/sf/yr-$27.99/sf/yr.

Now Available for lease. We offer great location and place that has a good pricing and best use all the time. The condition is full build-out and great place. Enjoy this Property. Term is good for our Beautiful Space and pace space. This is the only professional building in the area. kindly visit and see the details for every spaces that we have. and to see the beautiful place in North Palm Beach FL and those space are in excellent condition and perfect place to your business – rate includes utilities, building services and property expenses.

kindly visit and see the details for every spaces that we have. and it is very affordable that is good to you and your business. visit now and make an appointment. just text and call us to get information about the office space.

Richard Lee Armstrong
Highlight Realty Network
Text or Call: +1 561-489-5244

We hope you enjoyed this informative article. We appreciate you bringing your business to us.



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