News Top-Ranked Commercial Real Estate Extraordinaire Blazes Trail with Robotic Showings —Filling Vacant Spaces in Record Time

Top-Ranked Commercial Real Estate Extraordinaire Blazes Trail with Robotic Showings—Filling Vacant Spaces in Record Time



(West Palm Beach, FLA) November 11, 2021—Navigating the complex world of commercial real estate is about to get much easier. For anyone considering leasing their unoccupied office space—seeking out the best-of-the-best is key to getting those empty spaces filled—and fast. But that means finding both the best commercial real estate expert around—who has one of the most highly-skilled marketing teams on his side.


Richard Lee Armstrong is Highlight Realty Network’s leading commercial real estate extraordinaire—who has established an impressive reputation for himself—seeing stellar success thanks to his team’s incredible real estate marketing proficiency.


Armstrong has steadfastly worked to cultivate the key leadership skills needed to succeed in a constantly evolving and competitive market. He has built a foundation rooted in deep knowledge and expertise surrounding the commercial real estate buying and leasing process—from negotiating to marketing–every client is guaranteed a positive experience.


Over the past year and a half, the commercial real estate industry was forced to seek other ways of reaching clients—finding new platforms to get the job done. Not everyone succeeded, but Armstrong remains ahead of Highlight Realty Network’s 800 other commercial real estate agents—even during a sluggish economy—embracing new ways of getting in front of clientele. By reexamining processes and systems, which are not always effective in today’s hyper-connected global economy, Armstrong is revolutionizing the future of commercial real estate.


And his work speaks for itself. In fewer than five months-time, Armstrong’s team successfully filled office building turning a call center building into a medical building  leasing the space to five separate medical practices at once. Even more impressive—his team was able to lease out five separate five-to-six-story-tall office buildings in Florida in under two-and-a-half-months.


So, how does he do it? Leveraging decades of commercial real estate knowledge and expertise, Armstrong has diligently and thoroughly vetted each member of his team—seeking only top-tier, five-star talent to market any building to any company.


Armstrong’s marketing team, better known to his clients as “The Miracle Team,” is led by a savvy digital marketing expert—overseeing four other full-time marketing professionals working directly for each client—getting vacant spaces filled in record time. And that team is supported by an additional 85 subcontractors, located around the world, specializing in 50 different marketing specialties.


Although Armstrong and his team are based in Florida, their reach goes far beyond the sunshine state.

Specializing in tower office space, Armstrong is positioned to help any client locate, view, visit, lease, or buy in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Virginia. But that does not mean clients lose access to the top commercial real estate agent—Richard Lee Armstrong—in fact, he has technology on his side.


Prospective clients can simply reach out to Armstrong’s Florida-based office and set up a time to tour one of his buildings—even several states away—without having to wait. Upon walking in the door of these spaces—each person will in the near future to be greeted by a state-of-the-art robotics assistant—ready to lead a tour of the entire space.


That’s right. Utilizing fully-remote access to each office building a unique space—prospective clients can walk in, check out the space, and not feel pressured to decide on the spot. When clients work with Richard Lee Armstrong and his amazing team—the are guaranteed to be satisfied—and empty spaces are guaranteed to be filled in no time.




About Richard Lee Armstrong


Richard Lee Armstrong has proudly held the position of top commercial real estate agent for Highlight Realty Network. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Armstrong has successfully outpaced the 800 other commercial real estate agents working with the Highlight Realty Network. With his high level of motivation and skill combined with client-driven passion, Armstrong has established himself as a leader in commercial real estate—far beyond Florida. His success has been nothing shy of extraordinary—selling and leasing thousands of properties throughout his career. Armstrong experiences true joy in his work as a commercial real estate agent—considering himself a valuable resource for businesses, organizations, and industries searching for the ideal location to allow for optimal returns and meeting all desired business objectives.


Armstrong possesses a true ardency for his career and deeply values integrity and trust—always putting his clients first. By delivering transparent, professional, and exceptionally qualified services—he strives to create win-win scenarios for every client—every time.


Although Armstrong carries a true passion and love for commercial real estate, he constantly seeks ways to improve himself both professionally and personally—in order to better serve his clients. Outside of the office, Armstrong spends time designing new creations to patent, including the 2000 invention of a four-propellers drone that was showcased in the movie Sky Captain: World of Tomorrow. Most recently, in 2018, Armstrong patented the architectural scheme and engineering plans for a newly designed, well some things cant be told at this time.