Professional Office/Medical Space in Pittsburgh, PA 15220

This 11 Professional Office/ Medical Space is Available in Pittsburgh, PA 15220. It has 3 FREE MONTHS with rates including utilities, building services, and property expenses. Come and Visit now! Make an appointment to see the beautiful space in Pennsylvania.





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SPACE USE: Professional Office/ Medical Space
TERM: Negotiable


Office Leasing
Now Available
Owner Approved for Professional Office/ Medical use
Great Place

7,642 SF suite 200
2,161 SF suite 440
4,257 SF suite 650
2,242 SF suite 580
947 SF suite 620
9,802 SF suite 750
7,593 SF suite 630
7,587 SF suite 700
7,144 SF suite 640
2,812 SF suite 610
8,757 SF suite 770

Term is good
Good and Great Pricing
Great use
Best Place for your business

Professional Office/Medical Space in Pittsburgh, PA 15220

The Professional Office/Medical Space is Now Available for Rent. It has a beautiful location and a place that has reasonably priced and convenient to utilize at all times. The condition is full build-out and has a wonderful location. The only professional office space in the area. Please come by and look at the details for each of the spaces that we have. The spaces are in excellent condition ideal for your business. Make an appointment today. Simply text or call us for more information on the office space. Visit and Make an Appointment Today!


We hope you found this article useful. We appreciate you bringing your business to us. Come and book your viewing now!

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